Friday, April 24, 2009

This is why I won't be working out in a while.

Nice leg, huh? I had the surgery for the varicose veins on Wednesday (thanks for the crappy genes, mom,! :-P)

Hurts surprisingly little as long as I sit with my foot elevated and don't engage in anything that raises blood pressure systemically, but engaging in strenuous activities like walking limping to the bathroom, the kitchen or anywhere else hurts like anything. The surgical incision starts right below the knee and stops just above the ankle; and all of it hurts while walking.

I can potentially do a few things with my upper body - I'm using this forced downtime to work on general upper body mobility (shoulder, scapulae, thoracic spine) which will probably come in handy at some point when I'm allowed to go back to lifting things again ;)

Expressions of sympathy and offers of virtual chocolate welcome ;)

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