Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slightly amusing, I think

Been reading through the archives again and came across this piece from Alwyn - interesting bits of fitness philosophy in there. Pretty neat stuff - sometimes it's interesting to take a step back and think about the why and the goal as opposed to the how of your workouts.

'course, the how can be fun too - today's workout borrows some bits from 7 Keys to Athletic Success too, and a few others. Which might be appropriate for a Halloween workout - I'm making a Frankenprogram :-P

Some notes on today's workout:

Warm-up: ground-based calisthenics - about 5 minutes of bodyweight squats, lunges, jumping jacks, spiderman push-ups, mountain climbers and burpees in a circuit format.

A1: Gironda dips, 22lbs in dip belt, 3x6
A2: YTWL, 5lbs 3x8

The YTWL is a mobilization/shoulder stability exercise more than an outright strength exercise, plus a bit of endurance work - you do 8 reps of each movement. Which means that at the end there your muscles feel on fire ;)

B1: Flies 21lbs 3x12
B2: Stepups - bodyweight. 3x10 per leg.

I think it was either Cosgrove or Waterbury who thought that if you train lower body twice a week you should do at least one session without heavy spinal loading - in any case it seemed like a good idea to include some single-limb work and some lighter fun stuff.

C1:Military Press(88lbs) 11,9,8
C2:Dumbbell pullover(38lbs)10,12,12

D1: Pallof Press (35lbs on the cable stack) 2x10 each side
D2: unbalanced Incline dumbbell press (21&28lbs) 15,15

E: Dumbbell woodchops. 28lbs, 15 reps
E2: Plank - to exhaustion.

That's when the bell rang for the hour, so cut the workout short there and stretched.

You'll note that I'm using a lot of isolation and small movements in addition to the big stuff today - I've managed to correct a lot of the postural flaws I had but I still need some shoulder stability and ROM work. Though some of those isolation stuff is just to add a touch of volume to the chest workout without overdoing the loading parameters.

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